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Some Clarity On Our Charges

If you are a tenant considering letting a property through a letting agency, you are likely aware that they make charges. There is no limit to what a letting agency can charge for various items, and unfortunately, this charge varies extremely widely from agent to agent. There are also very often hidden charges contained within paperwork for outgoing inspections, tenancy renewals and some agents now charge to give you a reference at the end of your tenancy. Because of these spiraling fee’s, the Government have vowed to impose a complete ban on letting agency fee’s, in line with our Scottish neighbors.

We want to personally assure people looking for properties in this interim period, our fee’s are among the lowest in the area. We have always worked hard to keep the costs as low as possible for all of our clients; Landlords and Tenants alike. Our fee at present is £150 for the first adult and £50 for any additional adult. This fee is factored up of the following; Advertising, credit checks, references, ID verification, tenancy agreement and inventory, as well as transport costs and the cost of running the premises. We also charge our landlord clients We do not force renewals of tenancies every six months; if you want a renewal we do not charge. We do not charge out going fee’s at the end of the tenancy either.

We are a small business and the actions of the larger and corporate agencies charging whatever they feel, have ultimately brought the spotlight on to the conduct of agents. We hope that the ban will produce the positive outcome the Government promises by doing so. Being the compliant agency we are, we will comply 100% with these regulations once the ban is implemented.